Most people can swap out a tire in just a few minutes but a team sponsored by a German auto parts company was able to set a new Guinness World Record by swapping all four tires in less than a minute. The previous record for a full tire change using hand tools was 1 minute 23 seconds, and the German team was able to beat that old record by 24 seconds, getting them under the magic minute mark.

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The scene of the record attempt was a garage at a German race track and the vehicle of choice was a Ford Focus riding on some steel wheels. The Guinness rules state that all four wheels must be replaced using nothing more than standard hand tools. The team consisting of Marco Herzlieb, Denis Werner, Gordon Neumann, and Florian Walkenhorst got their tools ready and waited for the horn to sound.

Once the horn sounded, all team members started using their combination tire irons to remove the lug nuts. The two faster guys then moved on to pumping the jacks with intense speed until the car was up in the air and all four wheels were replaced.  The car hit the ground at the 59.62 second mark at which point the Guinness official verified the time.

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The feat is impressive as the team was able to beat the previous record by a significant margin but on the other hand this was completed in near-perfect shop conditions so we shouldn't be too harsh on ourselves for being slower.  We’d like to suggest a new record that has to be completed using only the spare tools that come with the car.

Written by Bozi Tatarevic.


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