Jay Leno’s Garage is hopping from the web to CNBC this year, and the Hennessey HPE750 Ford Mustang will be part of the show. During Jay’s episode with the HPE750, it hit a record 207.9 mph.

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Painted like a school bus (or a radioactive banana) the HPE750 Mustang used for the shoot is one hellacious supercharged beast—it may be yellow, but it ain’t running’ scared.

Run on the 8.5-mile high-speed oval at Continental Tire’s proving grounds in Uvalde, Texas, the 207.9-mph run sets an impressive benchmark for a sub-$70,000 performance car.

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The Uvalde track is the same place the HPE700 Mustang hit 195 mph earlier this year.

Look for the episode with the HPE750 and the 207.9-mph run on Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC sometime later this year.