Koenigsegg factory test driver Robert Serwanski brought the company's ferocious One:1 to Japan's Suzuka Circuit, lapped a brutally quick 2:17.57, and left with a track record.

That bests the previous production car lap record—set using a Nissan GT-R—by more than a second, although admittedly there's no official body that monitors such tests. Nevertheless, it's an impressive display, and while Godzilla can certainly punch above its weight, Christian von Koenigsegg has far bigger targets and tracks on his hit list.

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He wants the production car record at the Nürburgring.

Now, let's forget the Koenigsegg is more exclusive—only six will be made—than any of the following contenders. To pick on something its own size, the 1341-horsepower One:1—the name is famously derived from its equal power-to-weight ratio—will have to have aim to knock out contenders like Porsche's 918 Spyder, McLaren's P1, and Ferrari's LaFerrari.

The only problem? They might not all show up to the fight.

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Because while Porsche has released video of its 918 setting a 6:57 record lap at the 'Ring, McLaren has been coy about the P1's performance—only saying it broke the fabled seven minute mark—and Ferrari has, somewhat suspiciously, ignored the idea of 'Ring times entirely. Our friends at CorvetteForum have relayed rumors that General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] is poised to reveal the time its new Z06 set, but rumors are just rumors.

Hopefully, the "competition" will heat up soon. Until then, enjoy the lap of Suzuka.


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