Have you ever been so angry that you wanted to smash something? What if that something was your house? The why in this case isn't as important and impressive as the how, which is by way of that wonderful tool known as a pickup truck.

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That's what John Paul Jones Jr (no relation to the Led Zeppelin bassist, we assume) used when he got rather upset after a phone call with his wife. His Chevrolet Silverado was surprisingly effective at creating a new opening in his home.

Police were called to the scene, but apparently there's nothing illegal about smashing up your house with your own vehicle. Additionally, Jones Jr. is an out of work contractor, so he viewed the new fixer-upper project as a good way to utilize his own skill set. The truck still runs. In fact, it only needed a new headlight and a patch job on one of the tires. Pretty solid engineering display for the General on this one, we have to say.

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You have to watch the video from Atlanta's CBS46 below, and we promise it's worth it. The owner of the truck, the local police, and the news anchor all have fairly solid one liners to spout off about the situation here. After all is said and done, hopefully someone puts John Paul Jones Jr. to work so he can handle any other anger issues through the hammering of nails, and not through the hammering of the throttle pedal.

CBS46 News


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