Given that the latest entry in the Fast & Furious franchise accelerated from zero to a billion dollars faster than any film in history, we shouldn't be surprised to see Universal Studios capitalizing on the popularity with a theme park ride. And while the movies have long lacked anything but cursory nods to enthusiasts—Furious 7 is essentially like watching a big-budget studio play Grand Theft Auto for two hours—they're still one Hell of a good time if you can manage to completely shut off your brain.

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So the ride should be a hoot.

The premise is a street race through Los Angeles, and the entire cast was involved with the project, so as to give riders the feeling they've stepped through the screen into the high-octane, physics-defying world of Dominic Toretto and his merry band of leadfoot reformed thieves. Tacos and Corona not included. 

Check out all the work which went into translating the big-screen experience to an amusement park ride in the video above, and watch Universal Studios Hollywood's 30-second spot for it below.

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Fast & Furious Supercharged the ride will open June 25.


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