The Lexus F brand is maturing. You can think of this division as a teenager that's starting to leave behind the days of growing pains, acne, and high-school shenanigans. College and the real world are looming, and the F brand is becoming a man.

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The RC F and upcoming GS F are both proof of this maturity. Still, growing up doesn't mean you have to leave all the fun behind. You can still cut loose, and you can still be who you really are. The Dance of the F proves in quite a wonderful way.

The video initially starts out a little slow, as it seems the cars might simply be content to roam around the racing circuit in a tight pack. Then the LFA gets sideways, and everything turns awesome. 

This is brand promotion done right. Everything from the driving, to the engine noise, to the perfectly matched music works in harmony to promote the vision that Lexus has for its growing family of F-badged machines.

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If you're not smiling at the end of this clip, then you need to watch it again until the ends of your mouth curl upward. This time turn the volume up louder. If you're already smiling... watch it again anyway, because it's excellent.


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