A Range Rover Evoque driver in Sochi, Russia recently found out just how strong his compact luxo-ute really is.

While driving in the rain and possibly slush, at what appears to be too fast a speed for the conditions, the driver strayed to the left of a sweeping highway turn, which sent him up and airborne in the worst possible spot--right into the gap between halves of an overpass. The Evoque was sent through the air from the overpass down to the street below. Amazingly, both the driver and the passenger managed to walk away from this one.

The first video above shows the Evoque as it launches into space. Right before that happens, another car nearly suffers a similar fate. Although the Lada probably couldn't muster enough speed to cause any real damage. Below, there's a second video from a camera placed at street level that shows the Evoque fall into frame. It's a violent accident, yet one that shows just how safe a modern car can be.

CarScoops reports that the bridge was icy, and that the fall was one of around 60 to 65 feet. That number seems a bit high to us, but it's hard to tell in the videos. Either way, it's high enough to be both absolutely terrifying and amazing at the same time--and plenty high to demolish the Evoque.


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