There have certainly been times in your life when you've gone to check the weather, planned out your day and outfit accordingly, and find that the forecaster was off by more than a bit.

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It happens, which is why it's called weather forecast, and not the weather exactly. Still, it can be frustrating to prep for heat and wind up with cold, or vice versa. Toyota Europe understands this, and its latest ad for the Aygo gets a bit of revenge on those whose job it is to try and get the weather prediction right.

This new Aygo has a canvas roof, which rolls back to let in the sunshine. Toyota handed over the keys of an Aygo to three weather forecasters. These cars were fitted with a slew of cameras, but more importantly the canvas roof was tied into the forecasters predictions for that day. If the weather report mentioned sun, the canvas roof would rollback upon starting the car. If it was said it would be cold that day, the roof would stay closed. Additionally, each forecaster was given warm weather gear and cold weather gear.

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In the beginning it seems the predictions were going well. Soon though, there were some crossed signals... and unhappy drivers.


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