The stunts in the Fast & Furious films have be of a level that gets the audience excited, and each successive movie should provide new stunts that top the previous ones. The team behind Furious 7 knows that, and they've clearly gone insane for the new film.

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In the sixth film, the team had to catch up to a plane before it took off (on what was apparently the world's largest runway). This time, however, the cars are already on a plane... and they need to get down to the ground.

You've seen the shot in the various trailers; the Furious 7 crew is packed into their various machines when they roll backwards out of a C-130 transport plane and free fall to earth before pulling oversize chutes. How do you get a shot like that? You actually take the cars and drop them out of a plane.

To capture the shots required, the stunt team utilized the help of the aforementioned C-130 as well as a helicopter and a number of skydivers with expensive camera gear mounted atop their heads. It's a dangerous stunt that requires tremendous skill and logistical planning.

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The resulting footage appears to have come out pretty darn awesome though, and we can't wait to see the fully edited sequence in the film.

Yes it's ridiculous, but that's part of the charm we've come to welcome from this franchise.


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