If you tell me that you don't enjoy the Fast & Furious movies, I can understand that. I will tell you, however, that you're missing out on some generally mindless automotive fun. In fact, the movies seem to get better with each new iteration (save for Tokyo Drift, which is still fun but not as good as the rest). If you are a fan of the films, you'll be happy to know that you can now drive some of the cars from the movies.

Well, virtually at least.

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Fire up your XBox, select Forza Horizon 2, and relive your favorite TORETTO moments. Actually, even if you don't own the Forza game you can still join in on the fun, which should be both fast and furious as the name implies. It's presented by FH2, but it's a stand-alone game... and right now it's free!

The idea behind the game is that you've been recruited by Tej Parker. This is the character played by Ludcaris, and he provides the voice acting duty within the game. He's a mechanic and he's on the hunt for some rides for his crew. You've been hired to go out and get those rides.

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The goal here is to celebrate the impending Spring arrival of the next movie, called Furious 7. So the standalone game will be available for free until April 10th. After that it will jump up to ten bucks. So turn on your console and start your downloading, then start your engines.


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