Tearing down an engine is often a long, laborious process. Still, it's a means to an end and it's typically work that has to be done. There's a team in Germany that had to tear down the flax-six engine of a Porsche 911. Their goal is to hot rod the thing, and step one is taking it all the way apart. Thankfully, they've documented the teardown, and they've done so with a hypnotizing time-lapse video.

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You may as well cue up some Peter Gabriel, because that's exactly what this video will remind you of. The sub-three minute video starts with the complete 3.2-liter engine on a stand and ends when the whole thing is taken apart.

It's oddly mesmerizing and I guarantee you'll watch all the way through to the end. Once you get there, think about how many photos it required to produce this video. Also, think about how much longer the teardown process was due to the need to capture every bit of it. The lighting is perfect, the shots are great, and we eagerly await the arrival of more such videos. This one is apparently just part one of the build story.

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