Yes, I know you think you're good at parallel parking. You can whip your car into the spot in a matter of seconds, with your wheels placed a clean distance from the curb and plenty of room between the other cars and your fore and aft bumpers. Let me tell you something though, you've got nothing on Alistair Moffatt. He's a stunt driver from the U.K., and he just set a new parallel parking record... again. For the third time.

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The previous record was a rather compact eight centimeters. Moffatt and his team decided to try and close that gap down to seven and a half centimeters. To do that, Moffatt enlisted the help of a Fiat 500, with its stability control disabled and tire pressure slightly inflated. He would have to slide the car into a tight spot between two other Fiat 500s, and do it in front of a large crowd.

No pressure.

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Moffatt drives up to the cars, swings the wheels, grabs the parking brake, and he's in like Flynn. Assuming Flynn is an expert at parallel parking. This record hasn't been given the official thumbs up from Guinness just yet, but we have to assume it's just a matter of putting down their delicious pints and writing it into the book.


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