Over in the Hooniverse, we look at things... a little differently. Some see a W123-generation Mercedes-Benz wagon as a timeless piece of German engineering that's not to be messed with. Under the hood is a stout five-cylinder turbodiesel engine that's designed to run until the Sun burns out. We see a car that could use a bit more oomph. That's why we're turning our 1984 Mercedes-Benz into the car that Daimler-Chrysler only wished they'd made, and it's called The Wombat.

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Gone is the I-5 mill, and instead we've bolted in the engine and transmission from a 2004 Dodge Ram. That's right, this thing does have a HEMI. It's the 5.7-liter V-8 and five-speed automatic found in the aforementioned pickup truck. At this point in the build, we have the engine and transmission in place. The video above shows where we are at, and when I say we I actually mean the skilled folks at Scared Shiftless in Santa Ana, California.

From here we have to figure out the driveshaft, electrical, and the most currently pressing issue is creating a new steering setup because the old Benz steering box wouldn't fit with the wide HEMI in the engine bay. After that, it's a matter of getting everything hooked up and then pressing RECORD on the video camera while we see if the rear end goes BOOM or BURNOUT. Either way, cameras will be rolling and it's sure to be plenty of fun.

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We'll keep you posted as this car comes along and alive.


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