Factory support in motorsports is a wonderful thing. Doors open up for you, money is easier to come by and, more importantly to racers, the parts start flowing like a wonderful river of power and noise.

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That's certainly the case for Mad Mike Whiddett. He's a professional drifter, and he's replacing his well-known RX-7 with a Miata. He's not running a standard Miata engine, however, as you may have already surmised.

Mazda has hooked up Mike and his engine-building team in a rather massive way. The automaker has essentially remade the bits to the famed R26B. Those letters and numbers should be familiar, because they make up the engine designation of the four-rotor that powered the truly stupendous Mazda 767 and 787B. Yes... the one that won Le Mans.

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Pulse Performance Engineering has taken the new engine pieces to create a setup for Mike's new drift car. The result is a twin-turbocharged four-rotor engine that can be tuned to run between 900 horsepower and as high as 1,500 horsepower. It's not all done yet, but Mad Mike wanted to bring us a look at the car he's called the RADBUL. We're happy to have the look, but it's only left us wanting to see and (more importantly) hear this beast at full tilt. 


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