Here’s something you don’t see every day: a competitor’s flagship supercar being tested on Ferrari’s Fiorano test track. Yes, somebody was testing the McLaren P1 at Fiorano and YouTube user keno0311 has the video to prove it.

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The LaFerrari, Ferrari’s fastest and most powerful road car ever, is said to have lapped the 1.8-mile track in about 1:20, which is 5.0 seconds quicker than time set by the Enzo and 3.0 seconds quicker than the F12 Berlinetta. However, we’ll likely never know how fast the P1 is around the track.

Besides, the driver of this particular example isn’t really pushing it. That’s likely because this P1 is a private car; it’s a highly-personalized example worked over by McLaren Special Operations and was previously spotted being driven by Pagani CEO and founder Horacio Pagani.

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At present, only Porsche has verified a lap time for its flagship supercar, the 918 Spyder. It lapped Germany’s Nürburgring in 6:57, which you can view evidence of here. McLaren has said its P1 lapped the ‘Ring in under 7 minutes but is yet to confirm an exact time or provide evidence. Ferrari, meanwhile, is yet to provide a time for its LaFerrari at any track other than the private Fiorano.


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