The DeLorean has become quite an icon in the automotive world. It has the gullwing doors, the stainless body panels, and, oh right, it was a star cast member in three "Back to the Future" films. There's a DeLorean fan base that is flung all over the globe, and seems to enjoy all manner of things DeLorean. Be it a completely stock, low-mileage example or a fully-prepped movie replica, folks seem to love the things.

The people behind Team Time Car certainly love the DeLorean. They own a DMC-12 finished in the style of the car from Back to the Future II. This means it comes complete with Mr. Fusion in the back, allowing it to gobble up trash in order to power the flux capacitor.

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The Team Time Car recently underwent the professional photo treatment, and the results are pretty heavy. A team of photographers did an excellent job at capturing the DeLorean in a wonderful way. Even more wonderful is the fact that the car is used in charity runs that work to support the goal of finding missing children.

Back in 2011, an actual movie car from the third film was auctioned off and proceeds were sent to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. How many proceeds you ask? The auction raised over $540,000. Years ago, the cars brought about a bit of movie magic to film goers, and today they continue to be used for a whole lot of good.

DeLoreans rule. Head over to Serious Wheels to see more of this one.