File this one under “You Have To Be Kidding Me,” subsection, “Shaking My Head.”

A woman in St. Paul, Minnesota has filed a claim for damage to her car caused by a city worker-operated van. The problem? She was driving the van that hit her car.

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The woman, identified by as St. Paul Parks and Recreation employee Megan Campbell, has filed a claim against the city for $1,600-$1,900 to cover the damage to her 2001 Nissan Pathfinder.

Campbell has worked for the department since May, upon her graduation from college. In the claim, she stated, “Because I was working for the city and driving the city vehicle, I feel they are responsible for paying for the damage done to my car.”

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That rather remarkable statement comes despite the fact that, while driving a rented supply van on city business, she turned a corner and struck her own parked car head-on.

City Clerk Shari Moore, an apparent master of understatement, told, “I think I can safely say this is a very unusual claim.”