In 1977, Sir Frank Williams teamed up with an automotive engineer by the name of Patrick Head to form the Williams racing team. Today it's known as Williams Martini Racing, and the team is one of the cornerstones of the F1 world. Some truly talented drivers have shuffled through the Williams lineup, including Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet, Alain Prost, and a handful of others.

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Another important member of the Williams family is driver Alan Jones. In 1980, Jones gave Williams its first Constructor's Championship, and also its first Driver's Championship as well.

Those early 1980s were interesting years for the Williams team. They were constantly trying new things to help the cars be as quick as possible. One such test involved removing the suspension from a car. This was done to get the car as low as possible because the previously used side skirts were about to be banned. By getting the car as low as possible without using suspension, the removed skirts wouldn't be as big an issue due to increased aero from the lower car.

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The resulting car was indeed a bit quicker, but it was practically un-drivable. The bottom of the car was hitting the tarmac, and driver Alan Jones wasn't exactly thrilled with the quality of the ride. 


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