How’s this for a wake-up call? You’re cruising down the freeway mid-morning, when all of a sudden THERE’S AN AXE IN YOUR WINDSHIELD, STUCK IN THE DASH.

Yes, that’s right, and this photo tells the scary story.

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Fortunately for the passenger in the car, the axe—or perhaps hatchet is a more accurate descriptor—just broke through the windshield and didn’t embed itself in any human flesh.

The scene was captured by the Massachusetts State Police, which understandably saw fit to post it to its Facebook page.

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According to the police, the hatchet came off a landscaping truck and went through the window of the car behind, which was traveling at 65 mph at the time—a perfectly legal speed, and a pace which may have saved the passenger the much more significant injury that could have occurred if the driver of the stricken car had been speeding.

Be alert out there folks, and when that fails, do what this guy did—get lucky.