The Ford Raptor has clearly been a thorn in the side of many a competing automakers truck division. Ever since the Raptor launched in model year 2010, the other truck builders have been saying that their own "Raptor Fighter" is on the horizon. Despite those claims, we have yet to see an actual competitor that can keep up with the Raptor when the road gets rough.

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Toyota might have a shot with its new TRD Pro Tundra/4Runner/Tacoma, and Ram keeps teasing various iterations of a dessert runner. It seems that Chevrolet, however, could be the first to bring a true competitor to the game. That is, at least, if the folks at GM Authority are right about a rumor involving the upcoming Chevrolet Colorado.

It seems that a Colorado Rally Concept has been sketched, and the magic 8 ball says that this one might just be happening. The concept points to a light weight, off-road ready Colordo built to handle whatever the Raptor can run down. GM Authority is usually pretty on the ball when it comes to figuring out truth from the rumors, so this one should prove interesting if it does in fact come to be.

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Still, it has a serious battle ahead of it should it truly expect to compete with Ford and its mighty Raptor. 


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