Part Chuck Norris, part Jesse Ventura, and 100 percent Barney Fife, this is the best act of vigilante trucker justice (truckstice?) in recent memory.

A trucker, having spotted an Illinois police officer speeding in the rain while using a mobile phone, takes action, using his horn to pull the cop over and then taking him to task.

The trucker nearly earned a ticket for “unlawful use of horn,” and got a very close once-over for any other potential violations for his efforts. But after returning to the truck, the cop’s attitude changes, becoming remarkably contrite, letting the trucker off surprisingly lightly under the circumstances—the cop actually says “I didn’t want to hurt your record.”

The police officer even admits “Honestly I wasn’t paying attention to my speed,” among a litany of other abuses, including “not remembering,” he was using his phone.

As the trucker says at the end of the video, “that’s what happens when they know you’re recording.”

Looks like it’s time to buy that dash cam you’ve been wanting.