A lowly pickup truck driving along a rural highway near the town of Tofield in central Alberta, Canada was struck by lightning this past weekend. Inside the pickup were Al and Betty Perry, who described the sound made when the lightning struck as being like a sonic boom.

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You can see video of the incident on the website of CTV Edmonton. The video, taken by a nearby surveillance camera, shows the moment the lightning strikes the truck and the fireball that ensues.

The strike caused the airbags to deploy, some of the truck’s metal body to ripple from the heat, and smoke that ended up filling the cabin. It also destroyed the truck’s electrical systems, which made it difficult for the Perrys to escape.

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Fortunately for the couple, a police officer happened to be driving by and stopped to help them. Both Al and Betty were unharmed by the incident and a few days later celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary.


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