There’s nothing funny about dangerous drivers. We here at Motor Authority regularly caution our readers to take care behind the wheel, whether driving with spirit or simply commuting. But this driver isn’t driving a car, and he’s not endangering any (real) lives. It’s definitely worth a laugh.

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If you’re a racing sim fan, or even just a driving game enthusiast, you can appreciate the effect a good wheel and pedal setup can have on your lap times. But have you ever wondered how they’d fare in a first-person shooter video game? Neither have we. Fortunately, the folks at GamerMuscleVideos did. And then they made this video.

From the rather hysterical attempts at rap to the boxing-style (or is it horse race?) announcer, the sight of people getting their virtual pixels splattered by a guy playing with a Logitech G25 wheel (and presumably pedals) is simply absurd. But hey, it’s Thursday evening. What else do you have to do?

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