Cars and sinkholes really do not mix. That much became clear when the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky lost eight rare Chevy Corvettes to a sinkhole back in December--and now a street in Baltimore has swallowed several more vehicles.

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Days of heavy rain is thought to be responsible for the sinkhole, which spanned a whole city block and has forced the evacuation of homes facing the street. This video, from YouTube user ToddTesla, shows the hole during its formation (be sure to watch right to the end). Several members of the public witnessed vehicles, trees, street lamps and roadway falling crashing down onto railroad tracks below.

Residents could be forced out of their homes for up to 40 days, while the damage is assessed and the area made safe. The local fire department reports no fatalities or injuries--but residents say the street has been a subject of concern for some time now. Emergency crews are recovering any cars left teetering on the edge, but other residents will be left counting the cost of their vehicles, as many have plunged into the rocky, muddy ditch left by the sinkhole like the ones in this clip.

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