The 1980s may well have been the glory days of Formula 1. From the driving talent to the cars to the tracks, F1 of 30 years ago was a very different--and in many ways, better--sport. Here, we see an example of that from the end of the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix with Ayrton Senna chasing down Alain Prost in the rain, as announced by James Hunt and Murray Walker.

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Despite qualifying just 13th in his Toleman-Hart, Senna battled past such famed drivers as Nigel Mansell, Keke Rosberg, Niki Lauda, and Stefan Bellof. A pouring rain has soaked the circuit; Prost, leading, is waving for the officials to throw the red flag, while Senna is eating into Prost's lead by 3-5 seconds per lap. The stage is set for one of the greatest feats of driving yet to be recorded for the rookie Senna.

Then, in a move that reminds us that Formula 1 has always been full of political shenanigans on the part of the officials, the race is flagged just before Senna can catch Prost at the line.

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It's a bittersweet moment for Senna, but one that Hunt wisely recognized as a sign of greatness to come.


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