Cadillac's last advert for its ELR range-extended electric coupe was... polarizing, to put it mildly. Called "Poolside", its lead character is either loved or hated depending on what kind of American you see yourself as. Actor Neil McDonough portrayed a man who'd probably sell his own mother if it meant getting the life, job and car he wanted, and left us wondering whether actual ELR buyers would want to associate with such a character.

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Its latest advert for the car is a little more informative. Not as interesting, nor entertaining, and certainly not as memorable, but a little clearer about what the car is and what you can expect from it. A little more appropriate for a car using electric power, you might say. Poolside had an air of Escalade rather than ELR about it--unsurprising, since the ad was originally intended for another model in the Caddy range--but the new ad delves right into the heart of the ELR's powertrain.

It's not intended for TV though. Instead, the ad is aimed at a web-based audience, with more emphasis on communicating what the ELR actually is. Out go the big-shots and in come the batteries, as it were--and perhaps greater appeal for the environmentally-conscious but still luxury-seeking buyers the car is aimed at. Less likely to "trouble" GM's own execs, too.

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The new one-minute internet advert is first in an upcoming series of ads explaining the car's features. And those who actually liked the Poolside spot will have to get their advertising kicks elsewhere--it's unlikely to be followed by similarly brash sequels. Compare the new and old ads, and let us know which you prefer in the comments section below.


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