It's easy to think of modern parents as paranoid and safety-obsessed, but if that's true, why are there so many kids driving fast vehicles on the Internet?

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From the kid whose father let him borrow a Ferrari 458 Italia, to the kid whose father taught him to do donuts in a Corvette, it's nice to know that parents are indoctrinating their children into cult of motoring, even if the risks of bodily harm and property damage seem quite high.

Then there's 10-year-old Ellery Gordon, who got a lesson in sand-rail driving from his father at Glamis Dunes in California. He may not be able to reach the clutch pedal from the driver's seat, but he seems to have already got the hang of driving on sand.

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After his father put some cushions on the seat, Ellery took off and pulled a massive wheelie. The front wheels apparently stayed in the air for a quarter mile, while the sand rail traveled at 55 mph. He must have had a very good teacher.

It was an awesome stunt that any adult would be proud of, although it might not impress the people from Social Services.


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