The Secret Service is gearing up for an all-new presidential limo, to replace the venerable but sometimes challenged Beast. There are a number of requirements placed on those wishing to build the next limo, not least of which is that it must be an American company. Tesla Motors is an American company--but could it, should it, supply the next limo for the President?

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While there's no indication that Elon Musk has any such desire, we think it's an interesting idea--one that would fit with government incentives for electric cars, give a nice green image to whomever might hold the office next time around, and conveniently side-step the issue of the automotive bailouts.

So what might a Tesla presidential limo (the Model P, perhaps?) look like? It might look something like this, based loosely on the Model X, just as the Beast is based on a GM heavy truck platform, but styled to look like a car.

Features you might find in a Tesla designed to protect the (nominally, at least) most powerful person in the world?

1) Better armor plating under the battery pack, for one, to prevent any chance of a road-debris- (or IED-) induced battery pack fire.
2) The Model X's upcoming all-wheel-drive system might also find use, enabling better traction and handling for the large, heavy vehicle.
3) An air suspension system adapted from Tesla's production design could prevent any future high-centering issues like those faced by the Beast's predecessor.
4) Tesla's always-on 4G internet connection could also be used, but would have to be upgraded to presidential status, including heavy encryption and firewalling.
5) A charge-on-the-fly port at the nose and tail to hook up to a battery-extending black SUV, a la in-flight refueling, could help make sure the president can escape from emergencies without having to exit the car--or find a Supercharger.

Okay, so this is mostly in jest, but the core idea itself may have merit--if not now, then in a decade's time.

What features would you like to see on a Tesla presidential limo? What advantages do you think an all-electric armored apocalypse machine might have over a combustion-powered alternative? Let us know in the comments below.

President Obama's limousine

President Obama's limousine