The American arm of Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang recently bought up the assets of bankrupt electric car startup Fisker Automotive and has now confirmed by way of a website that it’s using those assets for a new company called The New Fisker Automotive. It appears Wanxiang was also able to secure the rights to the Fisker name and logo, which was thought to be excluded from the original asset sale, and will be using it for cars sold by The New Fisker.

As previously revealed by a Wanxiang exec, the Chinese auto parts giant wants to restart production of the Karma extended-range electric sedan at the car’s plant in Valmet, Finland; launch a V-8-powered version together with America’s VL Automotive; and continue development of Fisker’s planned Atlantic small sedan. The Wanxiang exec also said the plan was to eventually move production of Fisker cars to the U.S., with production in China being looked at in the longer term.

The website for The New Fisker includes some background on Wanxiang as well as a brief history of Fisker presented via a timeline. Interestingly, the timeline doesn’t make mention of the recall of the Karma’s battery, produced by A123 Systems, which led to Fisker originally ceasing production. A123 Systems eventually went bankrupt and was also bought by Wanxiang.

The good news is that the website states that there are also plans to put into production additional Karma variants such as the stunning Sunset convertible and Surf shooting brake, although we wouldn't hold our breath waiting for any of these.

The New Fisker website can be accessed here, and for more on the topic be sure to read the post on Green Car Reports.


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