Fisker's Karma plug-in hybrid sedan may be one of the most attractive designs to take electricity to four wheels, and it now has a stablemate. Today Fisker revealed the new Karma Sunset convertible concept at the Detroit Auto Show.

The car was teased by the company last week via an enigmatic photo which revealed little but stirred the imagination. Showing only a front fender and door line that appeared to resemble the Karma very closely, the lack of a B-pillar and a generally bright look to the interior hinted that the Karma Sunset might be a convertible, and that postulation has proved true.

Featuring a folding hardtop, the Karma Sunset is envisioned by Fisker as a logical extension of the Karma platform, offering buyers of the sport/luxury hybrid a form factor that has long been popular with enthusiasts of more conventional vehicles.

Up to 403hp (300kW) is available from the car's two electric motors, promising brisk acceleration appropriate to the car's positioning. Despite the sporty demeanor, the Karma Sunset uses the same Q-DRIVE electric plug-in hybrid drivetrain as the Karma sedan, and is capable of up to 50mi (80km) on a charge before using the on-board generator-engine at all, meaning no local emissions.

When the hardtop is not being used to protect the occupants from the elements, it tucks neatly into the trunk, leaving a convertible silhouette even an Italian carmaker could be proud of. Unlike many convertibles, however, the Karma Sunset looks equally well-composed with the top up.

The styling language made famous by the Karma is evident throughout the Karma Sunset's proportions, though there are enough unique touches to signify the car's independence as well. A flashy new door insert that looks as if it could also double as some sort of engine bay vent extends a swooping flare down the side of the car, and the split-spoke alloy wheels are also of a different type than those of the Karma, though they do share a sort of familial look.


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