Engineers working on the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 are wildly addicted to the idea of improving the aerodynamics of the car. This is a machine that is designed to devour race tracks, and in order to do so it must stick to the road and slip through the air. There's a large splitter up front, a big spoiler out back, and a host of other aero upgrades to help the Z/28 reach its goals. There's one more rather unique upgrade to the car that you might not spot at first glance, and it involves the Bowtie badge mounted in the grille.

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Air flows into the front of the car and is then routed for cooling purposes. Having a large badge placed right in the middle of an airflow path is not exactly ideal. Removing the badge would look weird. So, the engineers put there heads together and decided on a solution. It's called the Flowtie, and it's a Bowtie badge that's hollow so air can flow right through it.

It's a simple fix, but it's also a rather smart one. The car gets the cooling air it needs, the looks of the vehicle are unaffected, and owners now have another tidbit they can use to cause their friends and family to glaze over into unconsciousness every time this fact is brought up.

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