Work has begun in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Back in mid-February, a massive sinkhole opened up directly underneath the Skydome at the National Corvette Museum. Eight unfortunate Corvettes that were on display dropped into the hole, and the damage estimates began swirling in. These are extremely rare machines, and they had just (literally) fallen victim to an unexpected act of nature.

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Now, however, is the time to look towards the positives. The very first car has been just been recovered.

It's the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, otherwise known as the Blue Devil. This is the prototype version that helped shape the production ZR1. It's been plucked from its landing zone, around 30 feet below the floor on which it originally sat. It also turns out to be a sturdy machine. After being removed from the sinkhole, the car was fired up and driven out of the museum.

That's one tough Corvette, and we're happy to see that the cars are finally being rescued, one by one. After the cars are removed, the museum will begin the construction process required to make sure that the Skydome can open for business again in the near future.

UPDATE: The second Corvette has now been removed from the sinkhole. It's a 1993 40th Anniversary Edition, affectionately known as Ruby. We also have video of the car being raised up from its sinkhole grave, as well as video of the Blue Devil being started and then driven about 15 feet.

Corvette Sinkhole Extraction

Corvette Sinkhole Extraction

Unfortunately, it's pretty clear that Ruby has taken on far more damage than Blue Devil. We expect the rest of the cars to look more like this, as the first car pulled out was resting on top of the others.

UPDATE TWO: A third Corvette has just been rescued from the sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum. This time it's the black 1962 Corvette that has risen from dusty confines below the Skydome. The hood was removed during the rescue in order to gain access to appropriate mounting points. From the photos, it's clear that the car has taken on some serious damage, however, it looks to be in far better shape than the red 1993 Corvette recovered yesterday.

corvette sinkhole

corvette sinkhole


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