There are several smells associated with Lamborghinis. Burning rubber. Gasoline. The distinct aroma of leather upholstery. None of these really appeal as day-to-day scents though, which is why Lamborghini has turned to a select group of experts to develop its new 'L' men's fragrance in the Collezione Automobili Lamborghini accessories line.

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The Italian supercar maker has just revealed details of its Spring-Summer 2014 clothing and accessories collection, spearheaded by said fragrance. Lamborghini says it's been designed in-house by a creative team and perfume experts for Collezione Automobili Lamborghini. It's not the first one Lamborghini has offered, but the latest fragrance joins such luminaries as Aston Martin, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari.

There's more to Lamborghini's latest seasonal collection than perfumes, of course. Also hitting the racks for Lamborghini owners and wannabe Lamborghini owners alike are a new blazer with a "technical connotation". This means stretch fabric apparently, but we can't help imagining VAG technology-sharing in the shape of an Audi badge hidden in one of the pockets... Other clothing lines include a set of light cashmere jumpsuits that you probably wouldn't want to get sweaty in at the gym, and slight-stretch jeans for both men and women, featuring green and orange contrast stitching like you'd find in Lamborghini interiors. There are leather jackets too, featuring inserts made from the same leather you'd find in the cars.

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As ever there's a huge range of other clothing and accessory options, from T-shirts and polo shirts to nylon bomber jackets, men's down vest jackets and shirts. You can further accessorize with belts, ties and fingerless gloves (the latter surely better paired with a Miura or Espada than any modern Lamborghini) while a children's range of similar products but in brighter colors is also available in the Spring-Summer 2014 collection.


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