The classic BMW 2002 and its contemporary kin have become iconic cars for diehard Bimmer fans, so the automaker's latest advert should be a real treat. The 2014 BMW 2-Series may not be a direct descendant of the 2002, which was subsequently replaced by the E21-generation 3-Series and every model since. But in ethos it's a great deal closer, using the same compact two-door silhouette, ever-so slightly stubby proportions and squat stance. It's a larger car too of course, but a great deal closer than the modern 3-Series. With a hot turbocharged model in the lineup, the M235i, the 2-Series even has a true spiritual successor to the most revered 2002 of all, the 2002 Turbo.

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BMW's latest ad for the 2-Series trades not only on its history but also on the current Olympic games in Sochi, Russia. The ad begins with a 2002 speeding through a desert road, eventually approaching the new 2-Series that starts to reverse at the same pace. A quick flash of the lights from one car to the other--echoing the Olympics' traditional torch-passing ceremony--and the 2-Series pulls a quick Rockford before speeding off in the same direction.

The Bavarian automaker is previewing several new models throughout the Sochi games, including its i3 and i8 electric models and the popular 3-Series--the latter featured in a new ad with actress Brooklyn Decker. The ad tells the story of a man who keeps letting opportunities pass him by--including breaking up with his high-school girlfriend, who turned out to be Decker. At the end of the ad, he ensures the same doesn't happen with the new 3-Series.


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