Looking to capitalize on some of the automotive enthusiast crowd that looks forward to the next Fast & Furious film, Hollywood is nearly ready to open the doors to its latest fast-cars-doing-battle flick. The film is Need for Speed, and it hits theaters on March 14.

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Manning the main role is Aaron Paul, who's currently best known as Jessie from Breaking Bad. Since we're dealing with a movie based on a video game franchise, the plot had to be created to turn this into a feature-length film.

That means hiring bodies to fill the roles of actors that will try to transform this into a real story you'll want to follow.

Who did they get besides Paul? A few more familiar faces of young Hollywood, including Dominic Cooper, and rapper Scott Mescudi. You can see all of them in the quick clip that the Need for Speed team has put together.

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We were fortunate enough to visit the set of this film as it took shape late last year. We can tell you that Paul handles a bunch of his own driving stunts, the cars have plenty of power under the hood thanks to LS3 swaps, and even if the plot doesn't come together the driving action should prove enjoyable.


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