Only a couple of years ago, Maserati was selling around 6,000 cars per year on the back of two model lines: the Quattroporte and GranTurismo. Not surprisingly, many scoffed when the automaker announced in 2011 it would increase annual sales to 50,000 units and launch three additional model lines by the end of 2015.

Given its latest results, Maserati appears well poised to reach its goal. In 2013, the automaker managed to deliver 15,400 vehicles worldwide, a new record for the marque and quite the leap over the previous record of 8,600 vehicles delivered in 2008. The past year’s result was also a staggering increase of 148 percent on 2012’s 6,300-vehicle tally.

The stellar result was driven purely by the success of the new Quattroporte and Ghibli models, both of which were only launched during the year, meaning 2014 is likely to prove an even better year.

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For the Quattroporte, which was released in March, shipments totaled 7,800 units. For the Ghibli, a total of 2,900 units were shipped between launch in October and year end. At December 31, order intake for the two new models totaled 13,000 units apiece. Combined shipments for the GranTurismo and GranCabrio were in line with 2012 at 4,700 units for the year.

All markets contributed positively to the significant year-over-year increase. The U.S. remained Maserati’s top market, accounting for 6,900 units. China was next, with 3,800 units.

Revenues totaled 1.65 billion euros (approximately $2.2 billion) for the year, with trading profit coming in at 171 million euros ($230 million), though this was hampered by a 65 million euro ($87.7 million) write-down of previously capitalized R&D for development of the new platform underpinning the latest Quattroporte and Ghibli models.

The next boost in sales should come when Maserati launches its highly anticipated Levante SUV. Due out later this year and tipped to become Maserati’s most popular model.


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