This year’s Super Bowl is nearly upon us, and the closer we get the more and more details about what the major automakers are planning during the ad breaks start to emerge. The latest is a video teaser of the new Super Bowl ad from Audi, which will center on its 2015 A3.

It features Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan and a small pooch with an oversized head called the Doberhuahua. We’re not exactly sure what Audi has up its sleeve but thoughts of a compact car with a powerful engine come to mind.  

Could the Doberhuahua be a reference to the rumored RS version of Audi’s new A3? We certainly hope so, but more likely it will be for the 2015 S3. We, like everyone else, will just have to wait until February 2nd's Big Game gets underway to find out. The ad is set to air in the last slot of the first in-game break after the third-quarter kick-off.

Note, this is actually Audi’s second video teaser for its new Super Bowl ad. The first showed some commentators at a dog show and featured the angry growls of a ravenous dog in the background. The video also included the tagline "something scary is coming."

Let’s hope that something scary means a scorching new performance car, and not something like the Doberhuahua...


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