Tesla Motors can count itself among the more advanced automakers on the road, its Model S sedan gaining plaudits from around the globe and a loyal fanbase the envy of many a manufacturer. Its future vehicles will become even more advanced thanks to a new partnership between Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] and AT&T, which will provide upcoming Tesla models with high-speed wireless internet to serve its safety, security, diagnostic and infotainment needs.

The two companies have entered into a multi-year agreement which will allow future and current Tesla vehicles wireless broadband access--a little like the systems offered in Chevrolet and Audi vehicles. Both these companies will also be relying on the AT&T network for their systems in the U.S. market.

AT&T connectivity will power Tesla's remote engine diagnostics, telematics, and infotainment features such as internet radio, web browsing, live traffic, weather and navigation. This will all be accessible through Tesla's unique 17-inch touchscreen display, integrated into the dashboard on the Model S and upcoming Model X crossover. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the partnership with AT&T will allow Tesla to continue offering "a cutting-edge ownership experience".

AT&T is showing off its newest in-car technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Called Drive Studio, the latest tech matches connected vehicle-to-vehicle technology with voice recognition, safety, security, infotainment and diagnostics facilities in an automotive innovation "hub". While some of these features are touted for cars much further into the future, some of these features are sure to appear in Tesla's upcoming models.


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