When you think of the next generation of high-tech in-car technology, your first thought might not be for AT&T or for Atlanta, but that's one possible avenue for the things that will motivate your next car purchase.

A new development program from AT&T called Drive Studio, launched just this month and headquartered in Atlanta, aims to create the in-car technologies buyers will want not tomorrow, but years from now.

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From voice-recognition technology to car-to-car connections and more, AT&T has set some high goals for its Drive Studio program. Safety, entertainment, diagnostics, and security are all on the table--and AT&T is calling it the "hub" of automotive innovation.

Many tech-friendly buzz-words have been thrown around as well, including "fully integrated," "innovative," connected," and more.

Take it all with a grain of salt--but also with the realization that with a budget and depth of partnerships like AT&T has, the Drive Studio might just push things into new territory. AT&T's partners on the project include Ericsson, Jasper Wireless, Synchronoss, Accenture, VoiceBox, iHeart Radio, and Amdocs.


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