The all-electric Nissan BladeGlider sports car, which gets its official introduction later this week at the Tokyo Motor Show, is more than just a far-out concept. Nissan plans to build it.

It’s not just the BladeGlider’s electric powertrain that makes it radically different than other roadsters and superlight sports cars; the deltoid shape of the car—modeled after the swept wings of a glider—as well as the unique ‘1+3’ seating layout and dramatically different front and rear track should make it a standout.

And in person it does indeed look like no other. With its staggered front and rear track, and very wide rear wheels and stance, the BladeGlider has the look, from some angles, of a drag-racer or hot rod.

How do we know? The BladeGlider was shown in advance of the show, for the first time to those outside the company, at an event celebrating Nissan’s 80th birthday; while the automaker didn’t allow us to get up close with the prototype, we managed to snap the full gallery of shots here.

Browse through them and let us know what you think. We've also included (below) the set of photos that Nissan had already supplied. Would a production car closely inspired by this look find enough appeal?

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