The appearance of Italy's most famous automaker is always something to celebrate in a new video game. Fans will rejoice then at the news that Ferrari is set to drop into the latest Need For Speed title, Need For Speed: Rivals.

Rivals will pitch racers into an open world environment called Redview County, with over 100 miles of open road to explore. Naturally, you won't be exploring this world in basic hatchbacks or sedans, but high-end supercars and other exotic vehicles. Career modes will let you play as a cop or a racer, each offering unique challenges. Online play, co-operative modes and dynamic weather will enhance the free-roaming experience.

As will the Ferraris. It's the first time the brand has appeared in the series in several years, and a large selection of Prancing Horses will be available. Teaser images show some of the main arrivals, including new models like the FF and F12 Berlinetta, along with the 458, 599 GTO and Ferrari's soon-to-be-upstaged hypercar, the Enzo.

Whether the latest Need For Speed title will make up for recent disappointments remains to be seen, and hardcore racers will still gravitate towards the Forza and Gran Turismo series--but for many, the inclusion of Ferraris will be enough to make Rivals a must-buy.


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