John Hennessey is a man who makes fast cars faster. His HPE-tuned stable includes a wide range of vehicles from ultra exotics like the Ferrari 458 to rowdy domestics like the Ford Raptor. Now that Chevrolet has brought a brand-new Corvette out to play, it only makes sense that Hennessey gets his hands dirty under the hood of that machine as well.

The HPE500 upgrade is available for the new Stingray, and it brings the power output up to, you guessed it, 500 horsepower. It's not always just about more power, however, as John Hennessey proves that sometimes its good to take a moment to stop and listen.

The Corvette Stingray features the ability to switch between a variety of driving modes. When moving from Touring over to Track, some of the changes become immediately clear. Right away your ears can detect that the exhaust has gotten far louder. In Touring, the decibels are kept in check so that your ear drums and your neighbors remain friendly with you. Switch the selector knob over to Track, however, and you're bound to become the scorn of your local HOA board. Of course, they're all just jealous or your Hennessey-tuned HPE500-equipped Stingray.

Hennessey doesn't just offer up the HPE500 package for the new C7 Corvette.  There is a HPE600, HPE600 Supercharged, HPE700 Supercharged, and HPE800 Twin Turbo upgrade package also available. If you're an insane person who desires even more power, there's also the HPE1000 Twin Turbo upgrade. At that point, you'd better be staring down the Texas Mile runway and putting that go-energy to good use.


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