It's no secret that Adam Carolla has soft spot for classic racecars. More specifically, he's an admirer of vintage Datsun and Nissan racing machines, especially cars with links to Bob Sharp and Paul Newman.

Carolla regularly competes in vintage races with his growing collection of cars. This makes Adam a perfect person to develop and produce a documentary on the racing career of Paul Newman. He's a student of the man's racing history and a proponent of keeping the memory of those cars alive and doing what they were designed to do.

Carolla tells that he intends to produce a documentary based specifically on Newman's career behind the wheel of racecars. The movie won't go into the man's history in front of the camera. Per Adam, the documentary should be finished up in several months. His production crew have sat down with several folks who knew Paul Newman, and the documentary will progress from the early part of his racing career up through to the end. Carolla says the progression will occur just like a race by starting at the start and ending when it all ends.

With the recent interest in motorsports-based films, it's easy to see a Newman documentary finding a welcoming audience. Senna is still considered a masterpiece by many, and audiences are currently taking on Ron Howard's Rush. The drag-racing film Snake and Mongoose will be in theaters soon as well. 

Perhaps the Adam Carolla movie will be able to join those three, and usher in even more films that tell the tale of folks who put it all on the line in the name of speed and competition.


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