The BMW Group’s ‘Frozen’ matte paint finishes, once the domain of special edition M3s only, is now being offered on select MINI models. Yes, buyers of the 2014 model year Countryman and Paceman that opt for the sportier Cooper S and John Cooper Works trims will be able to select a Frozen Black matte paint finish for their cars.

The paint, which is notorious for its required maintenance, is applied to most of the body panels, although attached exterior parts such as the mirror caps and bumpers get a Frozen Black metallic finish.

Applying the paint is no easy task, which is why its availability will be limited to a set number of cars. The procedure, which is a BMW Group exclusive, involves not just innovative technology but also a high level of manual craftsmanship.

A special surface treatment encompasses the base layer for grip and corrosion protection. The color layer as well as a clear lacquer finish are then added. Incorporated with this are silicates that create the matte finish as well as the velvet effect which can be seen and even felt.

But don’t rub it too hard, as this will remove the matte finish and give the car a regular glossy look. Furthermore, things like sap and bird droppings also need to be cleaned immediately and washing should only be done with special products, available only at the dealer.


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