Yesterday we told you about getting the chance to learn more about the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. Today we're showing you what it's like to ride shotgun in the car as it's flung around the Milford Road Course at General Motors' Proving Grounds. The driver stated that he was only running at 8/10ths, yet we still managed to nearly clip 150 mph on the main straight. This wheelman could brake extremely late for corners, apply power and get it right on demand as he passed the apex, and both of those details meant the Z/28 could enter and exit every corner on the track with tremendous speed.

The Milford Road Course is no simple circuit, either. There are many blind sections and tons of elevation changes. In fact, there's one section where the road appears to rise up and to the left but it immediately turns to the right on the other side of the crest. It was comforting knowing that our driver has put countless hours and laps on his resume while evaluating vehicles for Chevrolet here at the MRC.

This is also the course that saw Chevrolet pit its Z/28 against the other Camaros in the stable, and also some of the offerings from the Blue Oval brand. Not only did they test the Camaro against the Boss 302 Laguna Seca, they brought out their video crew to capture the head-to-head on film.

To say we're itching to get our hands on this thing would be a gross understatement. We can't wait to see the wide range of head-to-heads the Z/28 will produce, and we think it's a vehicle that should preform well against nearly anything thrown its way.


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