The new BMW 4-Series is certainly going to attract a bit of attention when it first hits the streets. That attention will primarily come from automotive enthusiasts in one of two camps. The first will be excited at the prospect of an updated small coupe from the roundel-loving brand. The other camp will lament the fact that alphanumeric naming and brand dilution continues to be the norm. Apparently a third group of folks are also going to be interested in the car, judging by a new video that BMW recently posted on YouTube.

People looking to spice up their marriage.

A BMW 4-Series is parked outside of a restaurant while a man waits patiently behind the wheel. A gorgeous woman slides into the passenger seat, and the driver quickly realizes that it's not his wife. The woman knew she was getting into a car being driven not by her husband or boyfriend, but alas, that's the power of the new 4-Series. Random women will be drawn to you, and you'll slowly lose interest in your wife just like you lost interest in your turn signals.

Joking aside, it's a pretty slick looking machine that should be a a fun ride across all of the various iterations in which it will be offered. Be it a turbo four-cylinder, some sort of diesel mill, or the high-performance M4, the BMW 4-Series should prove to be worthy vehicle on which the roundel is placed.


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