Even if you thought the new trend of allowing in-car web browsing could lead to some dangerous situations, you probably weren't thinking as far ahead as BMW is.

Here, we see a trio of frighteningly clown-masked bank robbers getting some help from their getaway driver, confirming they are, in fact, at the bank they intend to rob.

BMW captions this disturbing bit of imagery with the following: "The innovative BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps are your useful companions in everyday life and beyond. How you use them is up to you. At the end of the day, you can rely on BMW ConnectedDrive."

There's good truth in that, of course. Tools and knowledge are only as dangerous as their users.

But do we really have to involve freaky clown masks?

Read on for more details on the latest BMW ConnectedDrive system as it will be implemented here in the U.S.