The recent $448 million Powerball jackpot was won by a lucky few. One of those few was Minnesota resident Paul White, who took home a share of the prize worth $58 million after taxes. Not a bad pay day, and an amount we'd most certainly use to acquire a few choice automobiles.

White thinks the same way because, during a press conference shown on USA Today, he mentioned a specific car he's been eyeing. A previous Acura Integra owner, White says he has been following a particular Acura NSX he's seen on his local Craigslist. It's a low-mileage example with a $30,000 asking price.

Now he's got the cash to fulfill his dream of owning the car. We think he will be able to justify this purchase to both his accountant and significant other.

Still, we'd probably keep shopping because there are a few other Acura NSX examples currently up for sale. Most notable among the group is this Ayrton Senna-owned example listed for sale overseas. It's got a few more miles on it and a much higher asking price, but no other NSX will be able to match this car in terms of previous ownership.

We wouldn't be surprised if Acura reaches out to Mr. White to show that they do in fact have a new NSX on the way. His garage is going to look mighty nice with the original machine parked next to the updated iteration.

And yes, of course we're jealous... we didn't have the Powerball number, let alone the rest of them.

acura nsx 1989 2005 014

acura nsx 1989 2005 014


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