The new Acura NSX should prove to be quite an entertaining machine. It will be interesting to see how it holds up to the original NSX from a pure driving experience standpoint. Of course, you can still buy the old NSX if you hunt them down on Craigslist and eBay Motors. If you have the means to afford one, you should do so. They're practically must-buy machines at this point, Occasionally, however, one pops up for sale that goes beyond the idea of a must-buy and turns into something entirely different. That is the case of one particular NSX that has made its way to eBay... because it was owned by Ayrton Senna.

According to the seller, this 1993 Acura NSX was owned by one of the greatest drivers the world has ever known. It looks rather splendid in its black paintwork, and the lovely coupe has just 31,000 miles on its odometer. The seller goes on to state that Mr. Senna was given three examples of the NSX for his own personal use. One was a black one that stayed at his home in Brazil, another was a red car that lived in Portugal, and the third car is the one in the auction which was garaged at a palace near the Estoril racing circuit. The auction sits with just one bid at this time, and it's set at around $74,000 with an un-met reserve.

This is a chance to own an iconic machine owned by a legendary man. Honda teamed up with Senna both on and off the track. While the automaker supplied engines for his McLaren Formula One cars, Senna supplied his knowledge to the engineering team that was developing the NSX. He's a large part of why it remains one of the ultimate driver's cars. Now you can purchase said car that was driven by the man himself. This is a rare opportunity, and we expect to see the bidding climb a bit on this one, assuming the car can be completely verified.


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