The tech is currently making inroads in the world of commercial helmets and portable devices. It's also been available on a few other models for some time now.

Mercedes-Benz, however, has finally decided to jump into the world of Head-Up Displays and will offer it as an optional extra on the upcoming 2014 S-Class and next-generation C-Class. Initially weary of the tech, Mercedes has apparently come around to the idea of displaying pertinent information in convenient spot.

Mercedes stated that it doesn't make sense for them to only make it available on one model. To make money on this program, customers will have to have access to it on a variety of models. This means you can expect to see the HUD being rolled out on a wider range of vehicles as time goes on. 

The type of information to be displayed includes speed, navigation information, and any potential warning lights that might pop up. Benz engineers previously felt that a HUD acted as a distracting device to a driver, but it's clear they have come around. That, or the marketing and sales folks forced the engineers to cave a bit. Seeing as these are German engineers, we don't think they caved but rather saw the popped-up lights right in front of their eyes.


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